‘Music For Home Vol. 2: Redemption’ cover art by Dae Kim

Listening to Dae Kim’s ‘Redemption’ EP gave me the same chills I felt when I first heard a Sigur Ros record. A melancholic, ethereal sonic experience that became the soundtrack to my narrative. It helped me make sense of the world and the state that I’m currently in.

This seminal release, in preparation for his sophomore album, is an impactful follow up to his 2018 debut ‘Solace’. It felt seamless and flew right through my speakers and filled my living room accompanied both me and wife during this lockdown.

For me, what separates a good and great album is when…

Photo: Wayangworks

I didn’t have any expectations watching Motif and Ad Astra.

Probably because I didn’t want to feel somewhat betrayed based on past experiences with over-hyped films, local and foreign alike.

To my surprise, both films’ topics resonated with me; male ego, polygamy, work obsession, escapism, loss and abandonment.

Both films reminded me of personal trying moments and asked the possibilities of how the situations could’ve been handled better.

The absence of a father figure or a role model during one’s formative years will leave them with confusion, anger, frustrations, and numbness.

Some fill the void with denial, some with substance…

Back in August I put up this image of a Stranger Things tribute t-shirt that I want to design and print for myself (like the other ¼ of my t-shirts collection).

I couldn’t decide on which of the two ideas I had in mind — “Pelik Tapi Benar” or “Hairan Bin Ajaib” — so I did an IG story poll and the most votes went to the former.

No cameras/phones were allowed in the Dome at @childishgambino AKA Donald Glover #Pharos show, so this is a short description of what went down. TL;DR: It was fucking brilliant.

25.11.18, Tapapakanga Regional Park, Auckland.

Circular stage with the band in the middle meant everyone got to see Gambino in action from all sides and up close(shirtless with two chains and white pants), making weird faces and groovy interpretive dance a la ‘This Is America’ video. The dancers from the video were there too.

New songs; Atavista, Algorhythm, All Night, Human Sacrifice, Saturday, were an eclectic concoction of neo-tribal-funk, like a cross between ‘Black Panther’ soundtrack…

Notes from Basics of Screenwriting Workshop conducted by Al-Jafree Md Yusop on August 4–5, 2018 at Penang Youth Centre organized by Komuniti Filem Titiwangsa (KOMFIT) and Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang.

Al-Jafree Md Yusop wrote/directed some of my favourite films and play namely Paloh, Dukun, Senandong Malam, P. Ramlee The Musical, and the upcoming Mencari Rahmat. Photo by Faizal bin Husin

1. Script is the blueprint for TV, film, theatre, etc. Without script, none of the pre/production/post work exist.

2. Screenplay (lakonlayar) is for film, teleplay is for TV.

3. Types of story:
i) Horizontal storytelling (Plot driven e.g. Star Wars)
ii) Vertical storytelling (Character driven e.g. Before Sunrise)
iii) Open story- clear plot, characters, etc.
iv) Closed story- vague plot, characters, etc.

4. Drama- conflicts resolved by discussion/conversation. …

Notes from Michio Kaku’s talk on December 12, 2017 at GECommunity Summit 2017, Kuala Lumpur.

The closest I could get to the world’s renowned futurist.

Watching/listening to @michiokaku talk IRL was a delight. Insightful, visionary and funny. The one hour session certainly wasn’t enough! #GECommunity2017 @gecommunityco

Some takeaways:

1. Three revolutions in science- Industrial > electric > computer. 4th wave? AI, nanotech and biotech.

2. First three took 200 yrs. A way to speed up the new wave is for governments to keep tax low, regulations low, infrastructure high, fundings high.

3. How to become a billionaire- Take any industry. Study the middle men/frictions/inefficiencies, then digitalize it. E.g. …

Notes from Christopher Doyle’s public talk on April 24, 2017 at Blossom Arts Festival Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

Photo by Zam Nayan
  1. Experience of cinema is about community, family.

2. In filmmaking process “the problem” is ”the answer”.

3. Give that space, trust to share with audience. Actor — cinematographer — audience.

4. Look up ‘Fundamentally Happy’ film. Moving lights to symbolize passing time. Reflections for suicidal.

5. Location is important. Location suggests the film. Chris’ specialty.

6. Western’s “film as written” or by-the-script is not good. Film has to go beyond the script e.g. ‘Paranoid Park’ started as 20-pages script.

7. Embrace color scheme…

Quick notes from Kuala Lumpur Sci-fi Convention 2016 talk by UN Ambassador for Extraterrestrial, Prof. Emeritus Dr. Mazlan Othman on 10th December 2016 at The National Planetarium.

Photo by Zam Nayan

Malaysian astrophysicist. Official UN Ambassador for Extraterrestrial. She co-founded Planetarium, Malaysian satellites Tiong Sat, Razak Sat, worked at UN in Vienna.

100 billion stars in milky way (consensus of scientists).

Google ‘The Drake Equation’.
Fp - Fraction of stars with planets- 0.6%.
Ne - 2 of those have earth-like environment. “Goldilocks environment”.
Fl - How scientists determine lives on planets- bare atmosphere, water in air, oxygen, etc. Altho, 0.001% chance to find intelligent life.
Fi - Fraction…

Quick notes from Kuala Lumpur Sci-fi Convention 2016 talks by Malaysian Astronaut, Major Dr. Faiz Khaleed on 10th December 2016 at The National Planetarium.

Photo by Zam Nayan

Sci-films influenced real-world space training and tech.

80km above ground is considered space. 8 mins to go outer space.

Have to be 100% healthy. Physical, mental. Medical test every 3 months. Not everyone can go ‘cos of psychological. All candidates are genius/smart but important how they handle situation during unfavourable environment eg. The Martian movie.

Think during critical situation. …

This was posted on my Facebook on 25th February 2016. But I’ve deleted my account and wanted to read it again. Thankfully it was saved in my Medium draft. Now you can read it too.

Last night I attended a talk on mindfulness in Islam by Emil Ihsan-Alexander Torabi. The event was put together by the wonderful people of UNRIBA and TalentLounge. Below are some key takeaways that I find interesting:

• 5 times prayer a day to reconnect with Allah. Pray as if we see Him. Allah is everywhere, we should feel Him all the time.

• Islam is…

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